Friday, June 20, 2008

crazy life

grik is a really bored place n none of entertainment places.. i have been here nearly 1 month.. i realizes that uncle 3rd told me why is him bored and seems like no life unless a tv's show n one beautiful can be prefer.. now i tasted the feeling.. its no good to me... but i tried hard to suit myself to this place.. since i have been sent to this place to work.. i have began thinking what should i do for my future d.. here is either bored than ptc.. but i will try to use 1 and a half year to accomplish all those work.. this is my 1st planning.. sometimes i will blur with my mind.. feel like jump queue to others place to work.. but i always told myself to concentrate on what i should do.. not to think much but to manage those work with my mind.. its seems hard time for me.. but i remember the snake fong told me.. if u can tolerate 3 years hard core life at timber.. then u may taste the feedback with "box of money" and people will call u "big tauke".. i also need to thanks a person.. that is 'sar sui kim po' because of her 'dog ' eye.. leave me a shadow with the work.. i will show u that i really got the adult thinking and i want to success.. there's no way for me any more reason to back water.. i hate back water.. give me 5 years..i will show my professional as a timber doctor.. god bless me..

Friday, May 30, 2008

nice to meet u all

this is the 1st blog i writing.. i would like to say hi to u all.. my cousin alwix encourage me to write a blog.. so i have decide to share my feeling and my pass to u all.. i have been worked at my family business for 2 years.. i also passed by many thing which let me grown up as an adult.. i'm glad to stay at this company and continue my job which i haven accomplish.. hopefully i can learn all those work asap.. so that i can conquer the company and expand the company.. this is one part of my dream.. i wont let u disappoint.. my beloved granny n my family..